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Stephen Sainsbury architects is a small, interdisciplinary practice who work around Australia and internationally.  We use state of the art cloud based design technologies to maximise our ability to create worthwhile architecture in centres of our cities and the remotest areas.

We believe in environmentally responsible architecture creating a sense of luxury and space


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Stephen Sainsbury architect specialises in ecologically sound architecture and building, in the creation of beautiful places to shelter. As we are also builders, we come to the practice of architecture with deep experience of making buildings happen the belief that the physical creation of artifacts is an essential part of understanding how to bring beautiful buildings in to being.  The practice believes in keeping in full contact with the physical process of the creation of the building and in the creation of exemplary works of architecture in the hope of inspiring others that environmentally aware buildings can be luxurious, inspiring and beautiful places to live work and play.

The aim of the practice is to achieve the highest possible aesthetic return for the lowest achievable ecological impact.

SSarch states that in their view buildings have always been the most obvious and long lived statements of a culture’s values.  If, in the making of our buildings, ways are found to lessen the consumption of resources, this engenders not only a reduction in the detrimental impact of our culture directly, but also affects the way things are done in other areas.

We believe ecologically sensitive buildings will come to symbolise a more mature environmentally aware culture.

We have taken our motto from Glen Mucutt’s famous saying

“Touch the Earth Lightly”

We take this both metaphorically and wherever appropriate literally.

Our award-winning practice is based in an old morgue we have renovated in Newtown, in inner-west Sydney, but with our multidisciplinary approach and secure virtual office we pride ourselves on being able to design for and build in challenging environments anywhere. We have worked in Australia’s remotest regions and on outlying islands, and we know how to get things built in these places with the least environmental impact. We try to be at the cutting edge of design technology and use advanced virtual space modelling systems to create our designs in full-scale 3D models in CyberSpace, where our clients can look through their building as it evolves.

There are brief summaries of the way we practice architecture and building and a history of the practice here .||