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Gipps St BathHouse and Courtyard View II    Gipps St  Rear Facade   

A terrace home rebuild in the inner west of sydney – a first experiment in very tight inner urban terraces.  3.6m wide by 20m long, the tiny site became a luxurious apartment/house hybrid.  reconstructed with recycled bricks and timbers and even windows and doors it was also an experiment in minimal impact urban material selection.

The timber louvred screens were made from the old paling fence, cleaned and dressed and hand crafted into joinery elements.  tough and durable.

The rear studio has a curved vaulted concrete shell with a green roof over.

The bath house has a large marble tiled roman bath.

Three bedrooms, three bathrooms a central courtyardf and a roof deck with three storied stairwell lightwell void create a spatious flowing feel.

Gipps St Courtyard Fire I   Gipps St Rear View


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