The ridgeway house

 Ridgeway House West Aspect

The first construction

A pole frame hippy house with minimal funds.

 Ridgeway House North Aspect

The plan is based on a Japanese dwelling and the imagery a hybrid of traditional Japanese and Bhutanese form and contemporary materials and construction.

Celery top pine poles form the main frame and were procured as a waste product at firewood rates from a coup to be burnt.

Recycled timber for the rest of the joined timber frame

Plywood from vehicle parts packing crates formed the sub floor and wall bracings.

Local field stone

Sheep’s wool batts and inflated recycled wine bladders as insulation.

Bush milled Celery Top Pine palings and cover https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-klonopin-online-2-mg/ boards as cladding for the building.

Recycled doors and windows throughout.

The main post feet are emergent 300mm diameter reinforced concrete piers cast into a traditional stone/timber splice profile.  The pole was shaped carefully to marry to the concrete pier and then bound around with a black steel band.

The bath house walls are split with the top half hinging up to form a roof and the lower half swinging down to form a cantilever verandah space.  The bath is suspended out over an 5 metre drop overlooking the mountain valley below.  Drama and luxury.



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