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Badger Box II

 A farmhouse for a retiring school ma’am

 A Japanese joined timber frame following on from the TeaHouse project. 

365 joints (one for every day of the year) all hand crafted on site from locally milled Celery Top Pine reject logs bark to bark square dressed to maximize timber usage.


 A 90 tone local bluestone wall forms the thermal core, with a fireplace and ducting piping to ensure efficient transmission of the heat through the full profile, display niches, lighting and huge feature stone all incorporated into the construction  – a piece of art in itself.

 Meanwhile the carpenter spent 3 months under a tarpaulin on site creating the stack of frame timbers. Large section posts and beams and rafter scissor trusses – a mental feat.  Then a  weekend frame raising with family friends and architecture students.  The ‘bents’ or timber portals were designed to be assembled on the ground and then hand lifted into position.


 All went well.


 The infil windows and doors are recycled tasmanian hardwood, the cladding is made with reject grade celery top pine milled to board and battens, secured with copper nails.  The ceilings are a mixed pack of various species Tasmanian minor species, Myrtle, sassafras, musk, Tas oak and celery top pine.  The flooring is merchant grade Tas oak. Over insulated sub panels.

 The design attempts to romantacise the farmhouse and small country church imagery and place it in a traditional bush context.


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