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 Australia SSanctuary mag cropped

The existing near derelict Old Morgue building was saved by the installation of a lightweight high strength alloy structural supporting frame to hold up the heritage listed perimeter walls.  A cellar, pool and courtyard with a series of upper floor alloy pavilions were added to create light filled residential accomodation with full heright bifolding doors allowing full spatial flow between inside and out.  


A  custom timber and curved alloy stair leads into an 8m high centrtal lightwell void to facilitate natural stack ventilation.


The central swimming pool is used to regulate the internal cliamte by controlling the surface temperature of the pool water to modify the airflow temperature and humidity.  The walls are natural lime hard plastered left unpainted to maximise their breathability and thermal response.  All timberwork is oiled with natural resin and citrus oils to ensure minimal offgassing.  The stone floors are heated by solar generated electricity and contain phase change material packs to create a virtual thermal mass.

223 Aust St Internal wide angle portrait  Aust St Pool and living from courtyard morning light


 Most materials salvaged from the existing near derelict building were re-used in the new construction.  The bricks were used to build the new boundary walls, extended with more reclced bricks brought in from a nearby demolition, cleaned on site and reused.  the old floorboards were cleaned and reused on the upper floor.  Structural timbers reused for the upper floor timber studwork infil walls.  The stairs treads, handrails and studio flooring are made from recycled tallowood from a nearby warehouse demolition as are the new external doors and gates.  The courtyard pavers are reconstituted limestone from limestone tile honing waste.  The old timber paling fence was remilled, dressed and used to make the louvred shutters around the upper floor terrace.

The corro rainwater tank is set up to visible out back of the upper floor reflecting the great australian tradition and feeds the Laundry and WC and garden watering.

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